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Andrew Bacon
Real Estate Agent & Investor
BancWise Realty

It’s more than a house.

Just like you, I’ve been a home shopper, a home buyer and home seller, and understand first hand the joys, scares, curiosities and excitements with buying and selling.

I’ve also been on the owner’s rep side having prospected and managed a large commercial development as well as shopped for and designed office space for my own regional team and have encountered the excitement and stress that can come from large commercial projects.

I am a licensed Real Estate Agent in the states of Nebraska and South Carolina although I currently only practice in Nebraska.

My license hangs under the umbrella of BancWise Realty here in Lincoln where our team offers the best service with the lowest rates in town.

I consider myself a Real Estate Advisor, helping you get the most information so you can make your best decisions.  I’ll help you get the ball over the goal line with problem solving and service.


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